Library Futures

Libraries have at least as much future as they do past. This blog, my position as Director Library Futures, and my work including talks bring together analysis of directions, opportunities, and challenges for a future-moving library industry.

Libraries are now a future oriented profession, by choice with forward focused librarians, by necessity, and by design as the future itself becomes our service. Library Future
The future of libraries is looking brighter as we are no longer in a state defined by wondering if we will we have a future but are now at an optimistic stage of getting there strategically. Libraries are gaining a place at the table as an important stakeholder in conversations of our communities’ futures.

We cannot nail down the future to one singular direction but we can explore the elements guiding where we are heading. In that pursuit, this site explores technology directions, market trends, cultural and consumer elements, and library innovations to discuss and guide library futures.

Like journalism, libraries provide a critical service that maintains a balance of established and cutting edge elements, traditional strengths alongside technology changes. Libraries are constantly pivoting to provide an ongoing necessary skill-based service.

Libraries fill in the gaps created by change tensions. Plugging in solutions to the community needs that pop up as technology change causes challenges and leaves some behind as it produces new opportunities. Responding to the innovation tidal pulls, the unequal forces on society that mirror gravity’s varying tugs that pull a part an asteroid or moon with solutions to technology tension points in a continuous role reiterated along the ongoing innovation cycle.

This work and blog features thought leaders with interviews and guest posts to add a wider voice than my own and than my parallel blog The conversation brings together statistics with behaviors and case studies plus analysis and a hint of instinct.
Analysis of timely technology news, discussion of library directions and examples of library solutions, inserting bigger picture population and market trends into the library discussion, and topics of interest to forward facing libraries. Upcoming library directions and trends to watch for/understand/prepare for.

Let me know (@libraryfuture if you want to be part of the conversation by contributing your thoughts with a guest post or if there is a development that should be talked about.

– Signing on to the future of libraries – Joe Murphy