Interviewed for New York Times Article About Modern Libraries

A New York Times piece, “Breaking out of the Library Mold, in Boston and Beyond” shows that “So much has changed in libraries in recent years.” I was interviewed for this March 7 New York Times piece by Katherine Seelye about new library directions and solutions The article explores what is changing and how in many libraries.

“This is what’s happening at a lot of libraries, the creation of an open, physical environment,” said Joe Murphy, a librarian and library futures consultant …” The physical changes complement the philosophical pivots, “The idea of being inviting isn’t just to boost attendance but to maximize people’s creativity. Libraries have long facilitated the “finding” of information, he said. “Now they are facilitating the creating of information.”
I also mentioned the Chicago Public Library’s Innovation Lab and YouMedia Center along with a few other forward facing library examples.

This world of change that libraries inhabit is also the environment for journalism – both libraries and journalists provide a critical function and both serve in the context of constant change that impacts how we carry out our mission.

I was excited to answer questions about a topic that I am so passionate about and to contribute to a publication that I have learned so much from (I still have a print subscription!)

Give the article a read and see how libraries are still relevant and innovation ready. How is your library breaking out of the mold?