Tech Trends Interview Video With David Lee King at CILDC

“Get it, try it out, and ramp it up.” Motivational advice from David Lee King whom I interviewed today at the Computers in Libraries (CIL) conference. David and i spoke about the technology trends that librarians should watch this year . Give a listen to David’s insights in this 4+ minute interview via YouTube.  –


Major points and takeaways:

  • Wearable technologies – libraries can support wearables with infrastructure and data by providing access to users downloading stats and by providing outlet power (“all the lamps (in the library) are unplugged because people are plugging their stuff in”). How about services and wearable platforms? Definitely for programs.
  • Mobile optimization – David’s library gets 30% of web traffic via mobile and predicts 50% by the end of the year. His library is providing training on how to write for the mobile web.
  • Digital media labs and maker spaces – from a 3D printer to a sewing machine. Helping customers actively make stuff.
  • The big point is don’t fear the new stuff.

David Lee King ( Digital Services Director, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, @DavidLeeKing on Twitter) gave a workshop at CIL on Sunday about “Technology Trends in Libraries for 2014.”

David and I chatted at the Innovative Interfaces booth at CIL this morning and also shared this quick bit of advice from him on Instagram about facing technology change without fear.

“…the biggest thing to remember is to not be scared of new technology even if you’re not familiar with it. Get it, try it our, and ramp it up.”

As Director, Library Futures I seek to include and expand the audience of insightful library voices like David. what technology trends are on your radar this year?

Joe Murphy Librarian


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