Speaking at Texas Library Association in San Antonio

In San Antonio to give a few talks at the texas Library Association and learn from sharp Texan librarians.


Talk one- Tech Trends of Note for Academic Libraries.

We explores major technology changes that are impacting information flow, content, and communication with opportunities in academic and research libraries. By revealing directions in social, mobile, consumer, messaging, and publishing technology we can predict how technology and libraries are designing the future.
txla techs joe murphy librarian
Tech areas covered in this talk include:

  • Drones
  • Wearables and Embeddables
  • New and new normals in mobile messaging
  • Arduinos, raspberry pies, and entry level codeables
  • Smart buildings/cars/bodies
  • Bitcoin and revolutions in money
  • Content ecosystem streaming boxes


Talk Two – Library Innovation Demystified: From Gimmick to Strategic Tool:

Look into leadership approaches for librarians as they face ongoing technological change. Understand ways to use strategy and technology in crafting the future of our libraries. Examples of innovative libraries, innovation models, library futures and getting there.
txla innovation and futures joe murphy

Bonus video – I also interviewed Stephen Abram about opportunities and challenges. Check out the video conversation recorded by the riverwalk for his insight:



Thank you deeply to my wonderful Texas librarian hosts.

Joe Murphy Librarian



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