Video Interview with Erik Boekesteijn #CILDC

I met up with Erik Boekesteijn (a global library motivator, more info below) for a quick video interview during the Computers in Libraries conference this week in Washington, DC.

“The business model based on book circulation is not going to last eternally … I think there is a change, there is a shift, and I am excited about that.”

I asked Erik what he is excited about now that libraries are taking the reins of their innovation, about his concerns for libraries, what are opportunities libraries can leverage?

Here is a blurb posted to Instagram video:

“Libraries are not so much about containers as a book or a digital book, libraries are all about stories. Whether it be art, games, music, you name it, when there is a story we should do something with it.”
“The library is about keeping stories, sharing stories, and making stories.”

Erik Boekesteijn works in the innovation department of DokLab and the DOK Library concept center in Delft, The Netherlands (called the most innovative library in the world) and runs the This Week in Libraries (TWIL) internet radio show along with Jaap Van De Geer. Give the video a watch then check out TWIL.

Joe Murphy Librarian


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