Director – Library Futures

A new position – Director, Library Futures with Innovative Interfaces. Because libraries have at least as much future as past, and getting to those futures is the exciting part.

In this position I work alongside those across librarianship who are building and imagining the future of libraries.

The plural “futureS” in my title is key because there is not one singular future for libraries. There are various directions we are taking libraries cropped-logo_3.pngreflective of local needs and evolving contexts to play a role in new opportunities. I seek to connect creative librarians and projects so that the whole profession can move forward. One inspiration point at a time. 

I have been working in the capacity of Director, Library Futures with Innovative Interfaces for the last few months. In this role I focus solely on what is next. The new. The imaginative. A multiplier of library creativity just as libraries are a multiplier of their community’s creativity and curiosity.

Innovative Interfaces is a strong library partner providing technology for modern library environments including the Sierra Library Services Platform and more. Innovative is extremely supportive of libraries finding creative approaches to their future.

How I got here –
I am a librarian first and foremost. I am a library user concerned and invested in a strong future for libraries. I am inspired by librarians taking charge of their future.
I was a Science Librarian at Yale University after earning a degree in library & information science from the University of Hawaii in 2006. After 5 years in the Yale libraries I shifted to technology trends and futures for libraries for a few years before this position. I help libraries around the world understand and maximize technology changes and guide new opportunities.
With this new position I continue those efforts and now add empowering libraries meeting their futures.

This position is about empowering creative approaches to the futures of libraries in all sectors of our profession. I work with all libraries and forward thinking library workers and leaders. Librarianship is bubbling up with creative flash points from all sectors where local innovations are guiding expansive futures.

For information about this new website and blog “Library Future” which accompany this job and related work see this post.

My goals with this position are to facilitate the futures of libraries: new conversations, new partners, new tools, and new outlooks.

What a great time to be a librarian.

 – Signing on to the future of libraries. Joe Murphy Librarian, Director Library Futures