New Zealand Libraries – Who to Meet & Learn From?

I need your input on what future-facing New Zealand library endeavors, librarians, libraries, and projects I should make sure to learn about/from and spotlight while in country a few weeks from now. I will be in Auckland, New Zealand May 10-17 for the MetLibs (Metropolitan Libraries) 2014 conference and will take the opportunity to learn from and highlight the local inspiring library stories.

I will also be giving a talk at the MetLibs conference in Auckland about technology, innovation, and the library of the future.

My goals are to learn how librarianship is growing in NZ and to give a platform to forward thinking local ideas that if shared with librarians around the world can support the wider future of libraries.

Who’s voice should I give an audience to?

  • Which library made or library partnered products, projects, and initiatives?
  • What inspiring or indicative library stories should I share?
  • What libraries should I see that global libraries could learn from?
  • What thought leaders should I learn from? Both established and up and coming creative library workers and leaders.
  • Forward thinking professional associations and groups.

MetLib 2014, which Innovative is sponsoring, is a section of IFLA and includes the leaders of large urban libraries around the world whom I excited to learn from and and work with in crafting a future-focused library profession. .

My presentation will be more dialog than speech. My goal is to combine and multiply creative library approaches to our future. I will introduce some opportunity areas and explore the growth implications of new technology and cultural shifts to discuss how librarians are designing our own library futures while strategically partnering to grow through external pressures. We will pool our thoughts and visions on next directions and service implications for a forward-facing library community to complement the theme of “library made.”

I will see you in En Zed.

Joe Murphy Librarian

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