mLibraries Keynote Hong Kong, The Post Mobile Library

The library in a post-mobile world can be a technology test kitchen.
In my keynote at the mLibraries conference in Hong Kong I explored how libraries can succeed through and beyond the mobile era.
Thank you deeply to our hosts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the mLibraries committee.

What does the mobile library look like this far into the mobile revolution when the change to mobile has happened and the conversation isn’t why mobile it is what’s next?

Can we pivot the library to become the testing ground for design – build – trial of technology similar to how the food industry and medical research are current test kitchens for mobile technologies?
A role as laboratory for mobile technology where boundaries are pushed and lessons applied. mlibs keynote joe murphy librarian

From brain wave sensors to Amazon Dash, wearable technologies, modular phones, mesh networks, and 3D phone mapping.
Wearables are the prototypical post-mobile technology area. Wearable technology = an extension of mobile tech + the confluence of data & computing + context

So many of the pressure points and opportunity areas except for the maker/hacker centric examples come from the commercial sector. I want to be able to refer less to outside corporate entities and point to library made examples. Give me reason and examples created by or with the library to look at for mobile futures.

Is “mobile technology” now redundant?
The future is not more mobile it’s different mobile.

Let’s embolden the conversation that looks forward to the next, the new, the horizon we live on. Post mobile and pro library.


Joe Murphy Librarian