Learning constantly, curiosity, flexibility – key skills for executives says the Harvard Business Review

A Harvard Business Review post shows how top skills for leaders include the ability to continually learn and adapt. I imagine this is doubly true for leaders in our change-immersed industry.

From research for a June 11 piece, “Keep Learning Once You Hit the C-Suite” by Boris Groysberg, these traits of successful executives were identified:

  • a high amount of intellectual curiosity
  • staying current: market trends, changing dynamics
  • a personal sense of adaptability
  • “a sponge, primed to take in new skills”
  • “willingness to learn and adapt to changing environments,”
  • “…merely keeping pace with industry and market changes is inadequate; an executive must anticipate change. The costs of not doing so—not continuously changing and evolving—are likely to be high.”

It is not much of a leap to apply this to library leaders and librarians. Especially important as libraries become leaders in our communities.

Curiosity in the changes and ability to constantly learn.
I see some library leaders that example this and wonder how we can prioritize it alongside familiarity with the information environment.

See the full piece –
Groysberg, Boris. “Keep Learning Once You Hit the C-Suite.” Harvard Business Review. June 11, 2014. http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/06/keep-learning-once-you-hit-the-c-suite/

– Joe Murphy, Librarian

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