How are Foresight and Science Fiction Connected?

We explore the relationship between sci-fi and foresight with author Brenda Cooper in this video interview as part of a Foresight student book club.

Through science fiction do we craft our destination myths and through foresight methods do we measure and prepare futures attached to this narrative? If through futures studies we understand, map, and influence the future, can it aid and be bolstered by sci-fi and other art?


Brenda Cooper, Science Fiction author and futurist … and Chief Information Officer for the City of Kirkland, was generous enough to chat with us just outside of Seattle about her writing, about how science fiction informs foresight and vice versa, and about the sci-fi genre.

Book Club: The “Foresight Infovore’s Book Club” is a reading group of students in the University of Houston’s Master of Science in Foresight program with the goals of maximizing our professional development and supplementing our futures studies course readings while building community through learning together. It sprang out of a course on Technology Acceleration taught by John Smart over the summer.

The topic for this month’s book club was the sci-fi / foresight connection to test the roles of creativity and narrative in futures and to mine for futures studies methods. It has been very illuminating to read the theory texts about these relationships as well as the historians and futurists perspectives on what has come to pass versus what has not.

Futurists anticipate and study the future much as historians study the past. Science fiction studies ourselves through the lens of the future. Is this the connection?

Brenda illustrates clearly how creativity assists in futures work, what foresight imparts to science fiction, gender issues in science-fiction publishing and reading, and much much more. Give the video a listen and follow Brenda Cooper’s writing.

The interview is also on Vimeo

Brenda Cooper’s novels and shorts are wonderful reads
See for more of Brenda’s work.
Brenda Cooper on Goodreads

Thank you Brenda!

Onward, with care.

 – Joe Murphy, Librarian, Business + Futurist student


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