The Stakeholders’ Expectations Gap Meets Foresight Framework – Video – Management Planning/Futures

Business management planning and Strategic Foresight come together in another overlap via the stakeholders’ performance expectations gap for long term sustainable growth strategy.

While reading about managing stakeholder relationships in Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy for an MBA course I came across the Performance Expectations Gap in the context of stakeholders in a corporation’s public issue. This reminded me of the foresight framework cone of possibilities used to graph expected and visionary futures.


In this video I attempt to illustrate this further instance of the synergy between sustainable management strategy and foresight in the futures planning element of long term sustainable growth. Importantly, while keeping the wider world’s needs in consideration to emphasize that the best growth comes from long-term thinking prioritizing all market and non-market stakeholders. .

The Stakeholders' Performance Expectations Gap and Foresight Framework model

The Stakeholders’ Performance Expectations Gap and Foresight Framework model

I posit that closing the performance expectations gap to meet the needs of all stakeholders is the strategy we employ to manage from expected future to aspirational optimal futures.

 – Joe Murphy, Librarian, Foresight/MBA student

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