Video Interview with Author of Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way

The connection between foresight and management is elemental to the nature of leadership.

I interviewed Bruce Rosenstein, author of Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way via Google Hangouts about the confluence of management and futures studies via the futurism mindset.


Bruce and I explore in this video conversation his book, Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way, and its emphasis through study of Drucker’s teachings, that we can “never really prepare for the future unless you have a future-focused mindset.”

My passion on this topic is sparked by my career trajectory as a business futurist in graduate programs for both Futures Studies (MS in Foresight) and an Executive MBA.

Create Your Future … analyzes management thought leader Peter Drucker’s work “through the lens of how it applies to the future” and extends Drucker’s lessons to discovering and turning today’s disruptive trends to advantage. Drucker himself was preoccupied with the future and wrote commonly about a future-oriented mindset. Yet Drucker’s writings on the future spanned many texts, discussed together here in Rosenstein’s book.

When I first began an MBA program, I read Drucker’s 600-page magnum opus Management and knew immediately this interface between futures studies and management was where I belong. Peter Drucker was the foremost thinker on management whose books were the foundry for it as a modern discipline. Here is Bruce’s guide to Peter Drucker’s writings on the future

“The first job of management is to identify & anticipate impacts,” Drucker, Management.

Major elements of Drucker’s thoughts on the future as gathered by Rosenstein in this book include:

  • The future is a mindset (keeping the future in mind when making management decisions because the big idea of leadership is getting to a more desirable future).
  • “Get over the idea of uncertainty.” We cannot assume that the future will be an extension of today. The concept of “the future that has already happened” as an inevitability from what is happening and whose full import has not yet been felt.
  • Librarians are very well placed to help people and organizations find the future re scanning for hints of what is in place now.
  • Organizations should be structured for constant change – get over the idea that change is a bad thing.
  • Change agents are change leaders.
  • Systematic abandonment – decide what has outlived its usefulness, paired with ongoing improvement of core purpose.
  • Risk – there is risk in everything. Acknowledge but don’t be paralyzed by risk.Bruce Rosenstein and Joe Murphy

This interview formed part of a book club for fellow MS in Foresight students with the University of Houston and it overlapped and enriched my business management studies in an Executive MBA program through SFSU.

The biggest takeaway from this book for me and from this interview was that Foresight and leadership complement each other and that the future is a management issue.

Management + Foresight

We converse from the shared perspective of Libraries as we both have focused on library futures and library leadership. Bruce has serious chops in Library and Information Science with 21 years of experience as Librarian and Researcher for USA TODAY. Bruce was also a lecturer at the Catholic University Department of Library and Information Science. I came to know Bruce through library management seminars which I spoke at and sponsored when attendees repeatedly recommended that I as a library futurist in a Director position connect with Bruce and read his books.Note the connections to and takeaways for librarians and libraries that Bruce mentions herein.

Bruce Rosenstein’s books, Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way and Living in More Than One World provide deep leadership insight, mostly derived from his research into and with Peter Drucker, the “father of modern management.”

The role of leaders is to create a vision for the future and help the team get there.

Bruce and I also overlap in the foresight field. Bruce attended and shared insights from the 2016 World Future Society conference

Follow and learn from Bruce. He has a lot to offer each of us , check out the book, and engage on Twitter @brucerosenstein

After watching the interview (, where else do you see management and foresight/futures studies connecting and what areas need further growth? Also please let Bruce and I know what you think after reading his books.

 – Joe Murphy Librarian, Business Futurist student

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  1. Bruce further wrote about our interview – “Peter Drucker, Foresight & Leadership: My Video Interview With Joe Murphy”

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