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Combining an MBA with an MS in Foresight on top of Library experience and science education to slingshot library values and systems thinking. Futures studies meets analysis and values driven leadership.

Library Future Goals, Mission, and Context

Recent MBA.

Degreed futurist with a Masters’ of Science in Foresight.

Now: Applying strategic foresight and research skills to craft more future-friendly and innovation management frameworks with organizations’ leadership.

For a sense of how these stories come so well together, see this post on the LibraryFuture blog.

Was: Director of client Futures for the leading library technology firm and before that, Science Librarian at Yale University. Leading library innovation thinker. Graduate degree in Library & Information Science. Undergraduate degree in Physics.

Next: A leader, trained as a futurist, with research expertise, ready to facilitate innovation manage through change – anticipated or feared.

Combine libraries with an academic background, experience in the private and public sectors, and formal training in Foresight (future studies) and we have a catalyst for long term strategic growth.

Joe Murphy focuses on making future-oriented decisions with formal Foresight training. 

Joe was a library futures expert passionate about empowering creative partnerships with and beyond libraries. I believe that the future is the interface we grow with, not a point in the distance. We connect the inspiration points being built together with cities, industry, arts, information. Libraries are now a future oriented industry playing important roles connecting conversations about our joint tomorrows.

Library Future brings together forward thinkers to explore innovations, technology directions, and other pressure areas in helping to guide futures starting with the library as a launch pad to wider evolutions.

We continually ask “is there a future for us” and what moonshots can we empower to create bold futures?

About Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy’s narrative is a transformation from studying physics then Library and

Joe Murphy Librarian Futurist

Joe Murphy is a Futurist and former librarian with an MBA & Physics degree

Information Science to academic librarianship in an Ivy league university then thought leadership and corporate experience as a Director of Futures followed by formal futures studies education and an MBA.

Joe previously focused on collaboration leadership to drive innovations good for all. Joe was a Science Librarian, a Library Futures Director, and Directions consultant focusing on analyzing technology and cultural trends for libraries.

Joe worked alongside library leadership in crafting strong localized futures for libraries as a leader in the capacity of Director, Library Futures with Innovative Interfaces in the Bay Area. In that position, Joe empowered creative library initiatives and expanded innovative approaches.

Joe Murphy was a Science Librarian for 4.5 years at Yale University, earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Hawaii and an undergraduate degree in Physics before that. Joe also has a professional certificate in Foresight and is a futures studies graduate student.

Joe has been a heavy contributor to the conversation about the evolution of libraries through keynote presentations to library groups around the world and through books and articles.

Here is a sampling of where Joe has presented as a keynote speaker in 2014:
• Australia: VALA conference in Melbourne and across Australia
• Hong Kong for the m-Libraries conference
• South Africa for the Southern African Online Information Meeting
• New Zealand for IFLA’s METLIBs conference
• Scotland
• All across the US

CV/Resume for Joe Murphy – https://libraryfuture.com/about-joe-his-mission/resume-cv/

Life/Human Context:
Joe spent the last few years in LA, Seattle, and San Francisco being inspired by museums and nature, traveling and learning from professionals, and walking adventures with his Italian Greyhound.
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