I was a target of Defamation and Online Harassment. The perpetrators were successfully sued in court for this textbook defamation case and admitted in a legal settlement to their lies and the damage they caused.

I was the target of a cyber harassment campaign in 2014 by two individuals who started admittedly false claims to defame me. Their apology and acknowledgement that the rumors they had started about me were untrue, following a court settlement, are below.

Through this unexpected challenged I learned problem solving in unforeseen circumstances with irrational players. Yes, this was a great challenge to face, but through it I gained the affirmation of standing with my values through this test of my character.

I hope for the best for all involved and do not hold ill will.

See the apology from those who defamed me.

See my statement about this written during the event.

Full Text of the apology by the defamers –

Full apology and Retraction to Joe Murphy from Nina de Jesus and Lisa Rabey:

I apologize for the false and damaging statements that I have made about Joe Murphy. I ask you to please read the following statement for details from my perspective. On May 3, 2014, I posted a post on my blog entitled “Time to Talk About Community Accountability,” which made certain negative statements regarding librarian Joe Murphy, even suggesting that he had sexually harassed women at librarian conferences. My comments had no factual basis at all. My intention in writing my blog post was to draw attention to the larger issue of sexual harassment of librarians. While I continue to feel that this is an issue that we must all address, I do now realize that Mr. Murphy was the wrong target for my post. There was no basis for me to make the comments and insinuations about Mr. Murphy that I made, except for a single tweet by Lisa Rabey. Unfortunately, my comments have caused a tremendous amount of damage to Mr. Murphy, for which I sincerely apologize. I want my blog to credibly reflect genuine issues that impact me and my community. I regret making the comments that I did and the effect that they have had on Mr. Murphy and on his career and reputation. I wholly retract my statements and unreservedly apologize to Mr. Murphy for the damage that I have done. I realize that a lot of people have rallied to my aid, but I have to be honest to them in saying “I was wrong” about Mr. Murphy and I urge anyone who might take the position that they “support” me by helping me to undo the damage I unwittingly caused to Mr. Murphy and to the cause of credible conversations about accountability and harassment. — nina de jesus

Apology of Lisa Rabey –

I made false and damaging comments about librarian Joe Murphy for which I would like to apologize. I ask you to please read the following statement for details from my perspective. On May 3, 4 and 5, 2014, I posted tweets that referenced librarian Joe Murphy implying without a basis in fact that he was a sexual predator. These unsubstantiated statements gained wide attention and caused Mr. Murphy significant damage. My intention in posting these tweets was to draw attention to the issue of sexual harassment of female librarians in the profession. My statements were made carelessly, and were not based on facts. I have never observed Mr. Murphy sexually harass or exhibit sexually predatory behavior. Ms. de Jesus relied on my tweets for writing her blog post. My statements should have never been repeated as they were based on gossip and innuendo, not fact. I was ill prepared for the damaging impact that these unfair statements would have. I wholly retract my statements and unreservedly apologize to Mr. Murphy for the significant damage I have caused to his personal and professional reputation. I strongly encourage those who aligned with #teamharpy and decided to attack Mr. Murphy to cease to continue to defame or disparage him. Mistakes have been made and we have the opportunity to show good character by apologizing and moving on.” – Lisa Rabey

Joe Murphy