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Reflections on how we future from the future: Strategic Foresight Presentation CMTC 2015

Last year I had the honor of being invited to present at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in New Hampshire for an audience of educators aka heroes. I presented about methods for applying Strategic Foresight (the tools of futures studies).

keynote presentation on trends and library futures by Joe Murphy, librarian

4 Years Ago I Presented this Keynote, Reflections from a Librarian with Training as a Futurist

With formal training in strategic foresight I would now place trends in context alongside mission, forecasting, and vision setting.

EIUG Edinburgh Innovative Library Directions Talk

My presentation in Edinburgh for the European Innovative Users Group held at Queen Margaret University June 16.   In this talk we explore what questions for library systems some new technology areas spark as we prepare for the next stage – smart watches, driverless cars, Amazon streaming music, virtual reality, discovery by location, smart buildings.  […]

Keynote in South Africa at SAOIM

Having the pleasure of delivering a keynote in Pretoria, South Africa at the Southern African Online Information Meeting (SAOIM) conference. My presentation, “Technical Analysis & Inspiration Points for Library Futures,” address how the questions about new technologies reveal conceptions that get us to our futures. My goal is to posit some questions that get us […]

mLibraries Keynote Hong Kong, The Post Mobile Library

The library in a post-mobile world can be a technology test kitchen. In my keynote at the mLibraries conference in Hong Kong I explored how libraries can succeed through and beyond the mobile era. Thank you deeply to our hosts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the mLibraries committee. What does the mobile […]

Metlib Panel in Auckland on Tech, Innovation, & Library of the Future

I had the honor of speaking on a panel at the Metropolitan Libraries Conference 2014 (Metlib) along with Christine MacKenzie (CEO Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Australia) and Allison Dobbie at the Auckland Central City Library. The session, “Panel discussion: Technology, Innovation and the library of the future.” used questions to explore some innovation areas. Questions […]

Speaking at Texas Library Association in San Antonio

In San Antonio to give a few talks at the texas Library Association and learn from sharp Texan librarians.   Talk one- Tech Trends of Note for Academic Libraries. We explores major technology changes that are impacting information flow, content, and communication with opportunities in academic and research libraries. By revealing directions in social, mobile, consumer, […]