Futurists’ Happy Hour cohosted by the Association of Professional Futurists and the Long Now Foundation

Happy hour gathering for Bay Area futurists and our community.
Friday June 22. 4:30-closing.
The Interval bar, San Francisco. 
Open to all.

The Association of Professional Futurists will co-host an informal happy hour with the Long Now Foundation at the Interval bar in San Francisco on Friday, June 22, beginning at 4:30pm.
I am helping to organize this casual get-together because there is value in sharing a chat and a drink with APF and Long Now members and with futurists and futures-thinkers in our wider ecosystems. Alongside the rich community orbiting the Long Now foundation, we will foster elevated conversation and eclectic connections with creative Bay Area thinkers and doers working on the future including designers, investors, artists, technologists, philanthropists, founders, and philosophers.

Details and RSVP form on the APF site.

We are excited to see where this accelerated serendipity takes us when smart people thinking about the long-term come together over great drinks. The Long Now’s Interval bar provides a unique environment for stimulating ideas and meaningful connections between members of both organizations and our wider communities.

APF’s Vice Chair, Joyce Gioia will be on hand to talk with prospective and current members about the many new benefits that the association now offers, including basic membership in Shaping Tomorrow and access and new avenues we have for promoting members’ successes.

The Long Now Foundation’s mission is to “foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years.” The famous 10,000-year clock is one of its “projects aiming to inspire, educate, and challenge our concepts of the future.”

The APF’s mission includes leading international discussions about professional futures practice and encouraging the use of futures and foresight in strategic decision making.

Where: The Interval in San Francisco’s Fort Mason. 2 Marina Blvd. Fort Mason Center Bldg. A, San Francisco, CA 94123 (next to Greens Restaurant). See https://theinterval.org/visit/ for details and directions. The Interval is among the most inspiring bars and is home to the Long Now Foundation and some of its future-oriented projects. With a sunset view of the Golden Gate bridge, art by member Brian Eno that evolves before your eyes, mechanical prototypes, and a robotic chalkboard. We will enjoy critically acclaimed cocktails (“beverages through time” for sale generally around $12-$13) by an award-winning bartender, and cocktail napkins for brilliant insights. Food trucks will be just outside 5-10pm. Stop in for a drink or stay all evening.

All members and friends of the APF and the Long Now and related fields in the Bay Area and beyond are welcome. Open to all. Bring old friends and make future ones. Invite your coworkers and clients who you want exposed to futures thinking.

We look forward to your inspiring company. Join us at the Interval Friday, June 22, from 4:30pm till closing.

For more information the day of the event or before, contact me, Joe Murphy

– Joe Murphy, futurist, former librarian, and member of both the Association of Professional Futurists and the Long Now.

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