Joe Murphy Librarian

Joe Murphy is a librarian. Joe Murphy worked in the Yale University libraries for four and a half years as a science librarian.

Joe earned his master’s degree in Library and Information Science in 2006 from the University of Hawaii. Joe combined this librarianship degree with his undergraduate degree in physics to work as a Science Librarian, managing collections and budgets, assisting researchers, and running several science libraries at Yale University.

Joe Murphy librarian

Joe Murphy is a librarian, a former Yale Science Librarian, and former Director of Library Futures.

As a librarian I loved navigating the challenge of all the change facing libraries so I left Yale in 2011 to help library leaders synthesize change opportunities.

I then worked as Director of Library Futures for Innovative Interfaces, the leading library software technology firm.

I now combine this research expertise that is core to librarianship with my experience in academia, business, and the public sector with an MBA and a degree in Foresight to research and manage the future.

Librarian as a core. Organizational futurist as a natural progression.

 – Joe Murphy Librarian Futurist

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