Library Trends for 2014

4for14 – Four Trends/Techs/Themes for Libraries in 2014. 4for14

What four things will shape the future of libraries in 2014? What will be the themes for library innovation this year? What trends should we be talking about? #4for14 is a global online and face to face conversation about where libraries are taking themselves and what will impact our near future this year, 2014.

In person discussions – UK:

Participate in these conversations face-to-face with me and your peers as well as partners in library technology in Edinburgh, Leeds, and London in February 24, 25, 26 2014. I am working with Innovative Interfaces and local librarians on these events. I will outline 4 sample themes for 2014 and more importantly we will talk about your ideas.

Your story:

Design the conversation about the near future of libraries with a bite-sized guest post on the libraryfuture.com blog or in your own space in a grouping of four tech trends, four opportunities libraries cannot miss, or the four things libraries need to do in 2014.  These conversations will happen in person in the UK at the end of February.

The conversation has started and will continue:

Invitation to craft the future:

The discussion about our future(s) needs to involve us all. Your library your future. We are seeing the diffusion of creativity and innovation points across the library industry with less talking heads and more community thought leadership. We all drive the future of library.

You can drive this conversation with a post in your own platform or with a guest post on this blog by writing to me (libraryfuture@gmail.com)

Post your insights on your platform with the tag #4for14 and I will surely retweet. Blog your ideas and share your thoughts well beyond as Tumblr posts and Pinterest Pins. Posts don’t need to be text, share a video with Vine, on YouTube, or as an Instagram video or picture. Wherever you like to express your thoughts.

Possible Topics:

Your #4for14 post can be about any topic that you think deserves attention in library-land this year. Here are some suggestions for what you could post about …

  • Technologies, things for libraries/librarians/library companies to start or stop doing, what to know, what to embrace, considerations for leaders, topics to learn about, trends in publishing, updates in teaching & learning, events to participate in, opportunities and challenges ahead for libraries, changes in social/mobile/cloud/hardware, risks to prepare for
  • Roles and positions
  • Things I hope to see from libraries this year
  • What is happening in school libraries
  • ILS and systems changes
  • Policy issues
  • Wearable technology

The future of our libraries is our adventure. Share your thoughts looking ahead to what 2014 will hold for libraries. #4for14