Libraries at SXSW

A Place for Librarians at SXSW – The Innovative Booth for Libraries

This year libraries have a space at SXSW. A booth in the exhibit hall exclusively for librarians and their partners provided by Innovative Interfaces.

Librarians have a role to play in the technology conversations happening at the SXSW conference and beyond and now they have a platform to be seen and heard. The Innovative Booth for Librarians is a space specifically for libraries and their supporters to advocate for the roles that librarians can play in our shared technological futures.  SXSW Interactive is a yearly conference/festival held in Austin, TX where emerging technology, start ups, and media come together for new creative ideas. The booth space is provided by Innovative Interfaces for librarians with the aim of supporting the new connections and directions libraries are making with technology industries. 

The goal of the Innovative Booth for Libraries is to amplify the visibility of librarianship and expand access for librarians into the technology fields and conversations at SXSW. The booth space is for you as an open space for all librarians and library elements provided by Innovative Interfaces but it is not for Innovative to make sales or pitches. It is solely for librarians and their message.

The booth provides a space to promote librarians who are participating in the SXSW conference and the wider value of libraries as tech partners, to connect with partners about policy issues, for those happenstance meetings that lead to partnerships and projects, a place to connect with a power outlet and Internet (Wi-Fi and wired), for micro presentations to expand your SXSW audience, formal meetings, to display or advertise the forward thinking programs available at your library, demonstrations with a solid internet connection and a central location, and for librarians to connect and meet up with peers.

Partners: Innovative has partnered with many library groups including the following to make their value known and their case heard. Partners include: the American Library Association (ALA), the Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL), the Digital Library Federation (DLF), the Electronic Resources & Libraries conference, EveryLibrary, the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF),  Association for Rural & Small Libraries, Urban Libraries Council (ULC), Urban Librarians Unite (ULU), and more.

Libraries have strong potential as a technology partner. Libraries are a gateway to the large markets they serve, vast ecosystems (academia, publishing, etc.) ready for tech and content partners. Libraries at SXSW
Libraries and tech elements also share an interest in policy and infrastructure including broadband access.
Libraries can offer beta testing, show-rooming, co-working space, iterating, a community startup garage, a partner in civic hacking, and more.
All library elements are welcome as partners and to make use of the booth: library systems, associations, individual librarians, library startups, advocates etc. Want to make use of the booth? Just show up and make it yours. Want to contribute or share your story and value? Contact me, Joe Murphy ( and on Twitter @libraryfuture.)

The Innovative Booth for Libraries is part of a web of activities related to libraries at SXSW including the presentations that librarians will be delivering, the ideadrop house, meet-ups, and more. For more information on the programs, panels, and outreach librarians, archivists, and museum professionals are doing at SXSWi, visit

Making this opportunity happen is part of my role as Director, Library Futures where I expand library creativity in support of a strong future for libraries. I work with Innovative Interfaces to amplify opportunities for libraries to grow into new arenas and directions.
Innovative Interfaces ( provides high-end technology solutions as a partner with libraries.

Where and when: the booth is #1036 in the SXSW exhibit halls 3 & 4 of the Austin Convention Center between the meeting pavilion and the start-up corner on Sunday March 9 through Wed March 12.

A bit more info:

Very special thank you to all the partners and librarians that the Innovative Booth for Libraries is really about and especially to all those who are working for a library presence at SXSW.

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For librarians and library partners, for creativity and growth, for new directions and new futures.