Library Future

Joe Murphy is a grounded futurist who researches the future to inform decisions.

Joe applies his unique experience and education to combine the analytical and the creative aspects of crafting the future:

  • Science Librarian at Yale
  • Director of Futures for tech firm Joe Murphy Librarian Futurist MBA
  • Education 
    • M.S. in Foresight (current)
    • Executive MBA
    • Master’s of Library & Info Science
    • Bachelor’s degree in Physics.

These anchors; scientist, manager, librarian, along with formal training ensure that my work as a futurist is accountable to evidence, that my divergent multiple futures are answered with convergent analysis. I use data to make projections and know when imagination needs to be inserted and where to apply my training in systems dynamics design thinking n strategizing and in challenging our biases. With critical insight, I define limits and know when the past ceases to be a good indicator of the future.

Values: My driving ethic is to I advocate for the future of all stakeholders and for all stakeholders of the future.

Our futures, plural.

See the Libraryfuture Blog for analysis & inspiration from thought leaders.

–  Joe Murphy Librarian / Foresight Student / MBA student /  Library Futures  –