Library Future

Path: Physics ->Yale Science Librarian -> Consulting with global library leaders – > Director of Library Futures with leading software company – > Strategic Foresight – > MBA

I am a grounded futurist. I come to business futures via libraries. I have the business and management acumen and the futures studies methodology to harness growth and guide towards optimal paths. I am a systems thinker, with experience in Physics and information science. I led innovation and forward looking in the Yale University Libraries as a Science Librarian and for librarianship worldwide as a consultant and speaker. I bridge creativity and planning, innovation and strategy.

The story of libraries is a story of innovating through constant change and extreme challenges. A universal story of the evolution we all face. My passion is bringing together creative elements to craft inspiring futures in partnership. My experience started with the expansive example of libraries and applies to organizations wider afield.

 The Library Future blog had a prior focus on analysis of the elements guiding where libraries are heading: creativity, technology directions, market trends, cultural and consumer elements, and library related innovations.
    Library Future is a multiplier of creativity to mirror how libraries are a multiplier of their community’s creativity and curiosity.

Now this site focuses on bringing together my unique experience in Strategic Foresight, MBA studies, my physics education, my amateur futurist experience in a technology firm, and academia experience and research skills.

Joe Murphy is a former Yale librarian and library futurist who worked alongside libraries and their partners in getting to their localized futures and helping librarianship reach its inspiring, collaboration driven, new horizons. Joe worked as Director, Library Futures with Innovative (the leading library technology partner), as Science Librarian with Yale University, and as a global consultant. Joe has an MLISc, a BA in Physics, and is working on a MS in Foresight as well as an Executive MBA.

Facilitating and building our library futures, plural.

See the Libraryfuture Blog for analysis & inspiration from thought leaders.

–  Joe Murphy Librarian / Foresight Student / MBA student /  Library Futures  –