Library Future

Joe Murphy is a grounded futurist who researches future states to inform management and innovation decisions.

Joe applies his unique experience and education to combine the analytical and the creative aspects of crafting the future:

  • Director of Futures for tech firm 
  • Strategic foresight management consulting
  • Science Librarian at Yale
    Joe Murphy Librarian Futurist MBA
  • Education 
    • M.S. in Foresight (current)
    • Executive MBA
    • Master’s of Library & Info Science
    • Bachelor’s degree in Physics.

These anchors; scientist, manager, research librarian, along with formal training ensure that my work as a futurist is accountable to evidence, that my divergent multiple futures are answered with convergent analysis. I use data to make projections and know when imagination needs to be inserted and where to apply my training in systems dynamics design thinking n strategizing and in challenging our biases. With critical insight, I define limits and know when the past ceases to be a good indicator of the future.

Values: My driving ethic is to I advocate for the best most sustainable future of all stakeholders and for all stakeholders of the future.

Our futures, plural.

See the Libraryfuture Blog for analysis & inspiration from thought leaders.

–  Joe Murphy Librarian / Foresight Student / MBA student /  Library Futures  –